WWE Wrestler calls the Redskins ‘racist’

The World Wrestling Entertainment was in Washington, D.C. at the Verizon Center for Monday Night Raw. It didn’t take long for the sports-entertainment company to chime in with the hottest discussion in Washington, the Redskins name controversy.

Enter in ‘Bad News’ Wade Barrett, the WWE Intercontinental Champion. While shooting a promo against his challenger Dolph Ziggler, Barrett claimed he would defeat Ziggler, and Ziggler would have to change his name, “just like your racist, constantly losing NFL team.”

If you are unfamiliar with professional wrestling. The WWE often uses one of their top heels (bad guys) to make an insulting comment towards the crowd’s home city just to rile up the crowd for boos. It’s an old-fashioned art called ‘building heat’.

So Barrett gets a pass, especially since it’s a 99-percent chance that the writers of the show penned the whole sequence for him. It’s what followed that was a bit nerve-racking. WWE commentators then talked about the Redskins losing their trademarks, purposedly making sure not to say the word “Redskins”.

Then cameras spotted a fan in the crowd that was wearing a Redskins hat. While the crowd was booing Barrett’s comments, another fan standing behind the young gentleman gave his hat the thumbs down.


Even the WWE has weighed in on the team’s name being offensive. Now we have to wait and see if anyone from both sides of the table address how strong or how ridiculous the segment is towards their viewpoint on the matter.

[Ryan Kelly, KSK]