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Kirk Cousins Says Su’a Cravens Will Be Welcomed Back with ‘Open Arms’


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Kirk Cousins stated that Su’a Cravens’ decision to walk away from the Redskins and the NFL a week before the 2017 season begins was a surprise, the Redskins would accept him with “open arms” if the young safety decides to return to the team.

“He’s got to do what’s best for him, for his family,” Cousins said Tuesday during his weekly appearance with Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier on 106.7 The Fan as transcribed by Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. “And I want to give him space to make that decision. He knows that we’re behind him, we’re supporting him. He’s a teammate of ours. He’s made a lot of plays for us, he is a great player, has a bright future.”

“And if he feels like coming back and helping our team is what he wants to do, we would welcome him with open arms and want him to help us however he can,” Cousins said. “We’re going to give him his time, though, and let him do what he needs to do, give him his space. And hopefully it can all work out and he can get back and be in a good place and be ready to help us here shortly.”

Cousins, who was voted as an offensive captain for the upcoming season, had similar words as fellow offensive captain Trent Williams.

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Cousins understands the hardship that comes with playing in such a high demanding league as the NFL.

“If it was easy and anyone could do it, it wouldn’t be paying us what they’re paying us, it wouldn’t be the privilege that it is to play,” Cousins said. “But with that said, the reason they do pay what they pay, and the reason that there are a lot of perks is because it’s a grind, and it’s not easy, and a lot of people who have tried to do this weren’t able to. You’ve got to understand that getting into it. But you take the good with the bad. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be, but at the same time, by no means is it a cakewalk, by no means is it easy.

“And as you grow as a player in this league, you start thinking outside yourself, too. As a young player you’re just focusing on how do I make this team, how do I survive, and now going into my sixth year — as a starting quarterback now coming up on my third year — I really want to look outside myself and say how do I help guys come along, how do I help these other guys play at a higher level. And so your roles, your responsibilities only grow.”

At least in Cousins and Williams’s thoughts, they are ready to embrace Cravens no matter what his decision is. Only time will tell what the 22-year old is thinking and will decide. The Redskins appear to have patience with Cravens as he ponders his next move. It’s a delicate situation no matter what, and it’s clear all have to understand the hardships the young safety is handling.



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