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Wizards All-Time Roster on NBA2K18 Is Disappointing to Say the Least


When it was revealed NBA2K18 will feature all-time rosters for each of the 30 teams, Washington Wizards fans got excited with the endless possibilities. Having a team that joined the Wizards stars of today, John Wall and Bradley Beal with the stars of yesterday such as the Gilbert Arenas-led Big 3, Phil Chenier, and other greats, including Michael Jordan, the game was bound to be dope for fans. However, when Matt Bertz of Game Informer revealed the roster for the all-time Wizards, there was a huge disappointment.


There was no Arenas, no Antawn Jamison, no Caron Butler, no Big 3, no Chenier, and countless franchise greats.

The fun was zapped out of the idea. While Wall and Beal made it, and will be joined by some greats such Elvin Hayes, Earl Monroe, Bernard King, and Wes Unseld, not having Arenas’ group stings, a helluva lot.

Heck where is Moses Malone? Where is Jeff Malone? How about Juwan Howard?

Well, it comes down for many to being difficult to obtain rights to include the old timers into the game more so than 2K simply leaving them off the list.

Washington still has a good roster, but no Gus Johnson, no Walt Bellamy, and none of the guys mentioned beforehand, leaves the Wizards all-time roster at a bigger disadvantage than anticipated (and feeling lackluster).

Let’s be real with ourselves, having Marcin Gortat and Otto Porter on the roster speaks to the testament of how good the current roster is. But, those two names are a bit far back on the list when truly ranking the all-time greats that have worn one of the Wizards or Bullets uniforms.



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