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WNBA’s Mystics, Fever Have Amazing Dance-Off during Rain Delay

The first sports event in the newly named Capital One Arena got delayed thanks to a leaky roof as heavy rainfall from a severe thunderstorm showered through the Washington, D.C. area. The WNBA game between the Washington Mystics and Indiana Fever was halted as the court was covered with moisture.

It's a @washmystics & @indianafever dance-off! #WatchMeWork

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Arena workers scampered to alleviate the situation. Instead of going back in the locker room to wait out the delay, the players of both the Mystics and Fever blessed the fans in attendance with an amazing dance-off led by Ivory Latta on the Mystics’ side.

It’s an experience that you may not get from professional athletes in other leagues. And it was a sure welcome sight. Even Mystics’ game commentators Frank Hanrahan and Christy Winters-Scott got into the fun with some play-by-play analysis.

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