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Giants Joe Panik Drilled in Face with Throw from Nats Michael A. Taylor

joe panik

Taking a baseball to the head has always been a dangerous situation for players. Usually when a player takes a shot it’s a ball coming off a bat as in a liner. However, on Sunday San Francisco Giants infielder Joe Panik took a nifty shot in an odd way.

Panik was rounding third base off an RB-single from Hunter Pence. Denard Span cross home plate and then Washington Nationals centerfielder Michael A. Taylor, who was returning off the disabled list, fired a line throw to home plate. Unfortunately for Panik, his face was right in line of the path of the ball. The ball smacked off his face sending both him and his helmet to the ground as he was breaking into his slide.

Panik stretched out for a quick moment before getting up and appearing shaken. To make matters worse, Nationals catcher Matt Wieters somehow caught the ball tagging Panik out on his face in the process.

Amazingly, Panik was checked by trainers and somehow was able to remain in the game.



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