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Ranking Best and Worst Nationals Nickname Jerseys


Wednesday along with the rest of Major League Baseball, the Washington Nationals revealed their Player Weekend jerseys that will feature players’ nicknames of choice on their nameplates. The uniforms the Nationals will where Aug. 25-27 are black with red lettering, and the cap is an offset red with a blue curly W. Some of the Nationals had great names and others are either okay or not appealing. Here we visit the best and worst of the chosen nicknames.

Honorable Mention Good

B-Good -Brian Goodwin.

Yes, it may sound lame to some, but quite of few of the Nationals’ chosen nicknames sound like wrestling names, and I love wrestling. B-Good got a ring to it sort of like Marc Mero’s persona while he wrestled in WCW, Johnny B. Badd. B-Good has been good for the Nationals holding the fort while his outfield teammates deal with a rash of injuries.

Best 5

1. Blue Eye – Max Scherzer


Nationals’ ace Max Scherzer is cool just being arguably the best pitcher in the National League. Last year’s Cy Young winner could be destined to repeat. His intensity and verbal assault on himself while pitching on the mound have made him a popular player among Washingtonians and surrounding natives. What’s cool about his nickname is the fact, Scherzer does have a blue eye.

While his left iris is brown, his right is blue. He has a condition called heterochromia iridium. He has welcomed the rarity and used it to his liking that in turn has grabbed the attention of fans. The possibility of him pitching on the mound with “Blue Eye” on the back of his jersey would be awesome.

2. Triple T – Trea Turner

First thing that comes to mind is Triple H the WWE wrestler turned exec. Jayson Werth gave Trea Turner the name for his ability to rip off triples. And the lighting kid (see how I stuck with wrestling and within the Cliq’, see X-Pac), is amazing rounding the bases. It would be nice if he was on the field playing come Player Weekend.


3. Murph – Daniel Murphy


C’mon it’s great. Daniel Murphy is already known as “Murph” and it’s got a “Murphy Brown” flavor to it. He gets points just for his name being the obvious and already sounds cool.

“Great Danbino” would have been even more awesome, but Murph is still solid. Hey Babe Ruth’s nickname was “The Babe,” so our time legend is “The Murph” which is neat.

4. Doooooooo – Sean Doolittle 

Would “Dr. Doolittle” have been more amazing?


But Doooooooo certainly works. Instead of K’s like strikeouts, fans can place a D for the first out and O for the additional outs, especially if he locks down the Nationals’ closer role permanently.

5. Double G – Gio Gonzalez

Kuddos for Gio Gonzalez not picking the bland “Gio.”

His name is cool and all but we always call him that, and it’s not as stunning as Murph. Saying Double G gives multiple images. Double G like an agent with Gonzalez suited up. Double G sounds a lot like Double-A Arn Anderson. Double G is simply great to be honest and a perfect fit for Gio.

Worst 5

5. Ant – Anthony Rendon


When fans and media call you one thing and yet you don’t use it, even if it’s hip, then you fall into the weak category. Anthony Rendon going simply with Ant, a common nickname for many who are named Anthony, is disappointing, especially when everyone calls him “Tony Two Bags” on the field.

4. Zim – Ryan Zimmerman

Mr. National or The Franchise or the Face of the Franchise would have all be ever so fitting for Ryan Zimmerman. The man holds nearly every offensive statistical record for the Nationals’ club or the franchise that goes back to being the Montreal Expos. It’s understandable he likes the nickname but after the season he is having, one of my suggested names would have been better.

3. El Lindo – Wilmer Difo

Understandable as to what it means in English. However, it would have been a bit more fitting for Adam Lindo than Difo.

2. Kendrick – Howie Kendrick

Only way to spin this is if Howie Kendrick is referring to the famed rapper, Kendrick Lamar. Otherwise, it appears he just didn’t have great thought. If he is indeed paying homage to Kendrick Lamar, K-Dot would have been much better.



1. Big Kid – Bryce Harper


Yes, I’m being a bit harsh, but c’mon Harper, seriously?

There were multiple better options for the National League’s best player.

Bam Bam would have been top-5. Instead Harper chose the nickname given to him by former Nats teammate Ian Desmond. Just simply not as hip as Bam Bam would have been.

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