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Josh Norman Rated with Top Awareness Rating among Cornerbacks on Madden

josh norman

Josh Norman has been acknowledged as one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL. EA Sports recently released the top cornerback ratings for NFL Madden 18 which releases on Aug. 25. Norman is one of the game’s top five at the position.

With an overall rating of 90, Norman is the fifth-rated cornerback. Chris Harris Jr. of the Denver Broncos is the top-rated cornerback. His teammate Aqib Talib is second followed by Malcolm Butler of the New England Patriots and the Arizona Cardinals’ Patrick Peterson before Norman.

However, Norman was viewed as the smartest, rating with a 95 Awareness and Play Recognition — best at the position. As EA Sports and all league-licensed sports video games try to get their ratings as accurate as possible, this one truly feels legit. Norman’s ability to play in a Cover 3 scheme in Carolina and quickly be able to translate in a Cover 2 man shell that the Redskins featured last season shows he can adjust to any system.

EA Sports excerpt on Norman’s rating exemplifies the evaluation.

“Norman’s passion for football and personality make easy headlines. For all the attention the sports world gives Norman, it’s easy to forget that Norman is one of the smarter players in the NFL. Along with being physically capable to cover anyone, Norman is constantly reading QBs to cause a turnover. He scores a best in class 95 in Awareness and Play Recognition. Norman deservedly rounds out the top 5.”

Norman also has shown through his pro career to be able to use multiple techniques in his coverage, which is why he is considered a shutdown corner through many analysts’ views. So when you’re playing with the Redskins on Madden 18, you’ll have the smartest defensive back on your side. And if you for some reason choose to play against him, virtual quarterbacks beware of where Norman is on the field at all times.


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