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Jason Taylor Thanks Dan Snyder for Money He Stole from Redskins Owner


Jason Taylor is now a member of the prestigious Pro Football Hall of Fame after being inducted on Saturday in Canton, Ohio.

Taylor will be forever known for being a Miami Dolphins legend, racking up 139.5 sacks through his 15-year career. What has been mostly forgetten for most (not Redskins fans) is his one season with the Washington Redskins in 2008.

After spending 11 seasons with the Dolphins, Taylor was traded to the Redskins for a 2009 second-round pick and 2010 sixth-round pick. Taylor had fallen out of favor with Dolphins president Bill Parcells after he skipped voluntary off-season workouts to participate on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

His time in Washington was disappointing to say the least, despite all the hype behind him joining the organization. During his Hall of Fame speech he generously thanked Dan Snyder for stealing money from him.

“Thank you for the opportunity to come to Washington. I know I didn’t give you much, 2.5 sacks,” Taylor said addressing Snyder. “[I] stole a lot of money from you, but I appreciate it.”

It was certainly a good laugh. While Taylor said he had 2.5 sacks, he actually short changed himself. He had 3.5.

After the disastrous season in 2008, Taylor was released by the team in 2009 after he refused to accept a workout clause asking him to participate in team activities during the off-season. He then signed back with the Dolphins to be closer with his family. And so his blimp in D.C. figuratively got swept under the rug.



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