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John Wall Was Not Too Pleased about His NBA2K18 Rating

john wall

So much with John Wall agreeing with his NBA2k18 overall rating.

NBA2K released Wall’s rating as a 90 — the same rating as cover boy Kyrie Irving and one point higher than Boston’s Isaiah Thomas and Portland’s Damian Lillard. On Friday, Wall showed his displeasure for the 90 rating, although it will more than likely be one of the three best overall’s among point guards in the NBA.

Wall called out NBA 2K digital marketing director Ronnie Singh better known as “Ronnie 2k” for the low-ball rating.

Ronnie 2K tried to keep things intact. But Wall was not buying any of it. Ronnie mentioned the fact players start off low, but by season end they progress in ratings. He reminded Wall of him starting at 87 last season and finishing at 93. Sorry Ronnie, Wall wasn’t buying that.

john wall

Still laughing at the “I ended at a 90 but good try with the 93.”

In fact, Wall is right, he was a 90 at season’s end. I guess Ronnie doesn’t understand Wall doesn’t forget any slight. Just ask Dennis Schroder.

John Wall gets the last laugh on Dennis Schroder with Instagram post

You can ask Sports Illustrated, too.

Ronnie had nothing else to say but this:

The four-time NBA All-Star and arguably the best player in the Eastern Conference not named LeBron James, just signed a four-year extension worth $170 million to remain with the Washington Wizards. He wants an NBA title in D.C. He wants to become the best in the game. That’s why he has been going through a relentless workout regimen this summer. And the guy that doesn’t forget anything is using every slight, every resistance to acknowledge his greatness as motivation.

If Wall has another MVP-caliber season, be sure that he will thank Ronnie later.

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