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Virginia Tech Coach Makes Ridiculous Half-Court Trick Shot

Crazy shot by Virginia Tech grad assistant

You’ve seen Steph Curry make amazing three point shots from near half court. But have you seen him hit a half-court shot while essentially doing a sit-up?

If not, then he’s no Joe Fulce. The Virginia Tech grad assistant drained a half-court shot while sitting up as if it was nothing. Hokies’ assistant coach Jamie McNeilly posted the ridiculous trick shot on his Instagram.

In the three-point era, every from the street ballers to high school kids have made countless videos in-game or practice, knocking down half court shots and heaves. While not everyone can do it, it’s safe to say the degree of difficulty of making that shot while doing a sit-up ranks at the very top. And for that Fulce’s deserves a round of applause.

[h/t Jamie McNeilly]



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