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John Wall sealed biggest moment in Washington Wizards history with epic stand on scorer’s table

This is John Wall’s city now!

John Wall was feeling it. He jumped through the figurative wall that has haunted the Wizards and D.C. sports for decades. He had just hit the biggest shot in Washington Wizards history. So the emotion was raw, it was epic, it was D.C.

Verizon Center was loud drowning in euphoria. Wall sensed it, he felt every ounce of emotion. How dare the Celtics come into his house mimicking their idea of wearing all-black as if the Wizards’ season was being buried Friday night.

How dare the Celtics disrespect his improved three point shooting by backing off him. How dare he not get the play called for him to begin with. He has carried the franchise of the Wizards ever since he stepped foot on the Verizon Center almost seven years ago.

So when the Wizards posted a 92-91 win to force Game 7 against the legendary Boston Celtics thanks to his deep three with 3.5 seconds remaining, Wall felt every ounce of emotion. In jubilation he stood up on the scorer’s table and basked in the glory, as the Verizon Center crowd screamed and hollered in excitement.

The crowd serenaded its king with cheers, as he basked in the glory of it. Telling them in so many words this is his house. He gave D.C. fans something it did not get two nights before with the Capitals. He did it after a dreadful first half in which he shot 1-of-9 from the field and scored three points.

John Wall proved he is clutch by sinking biggest shot in Washington Wizards history

After a 1-of-11 start shooting, he made eight of his next 14 shot attempts, none of which was bigger than the pull-up three that lifted Washington to victory. When he stood on the scorer’s table, all the emotion of yesterday of all the losing the team has experienced since 1979, all the criticism from fans and media afar, all were erased. None of that mattered. It was a vindication, a validation of countless words being used to defend the franchise and its franchise player.

Wall felt it all and all the pinned up emotion from him and his team’s supporters poured out when he stood on the table.

“It was how much love I have for this city, how much love I have for my teammates,” Wall said. “How much fight we have.”

Markieff Morris called Wall’s shot the “”probably the biggest shot of my [Keef’s] career,” per Hoops District.

Bryce Harper and others chimed in on the epic shot.

Bullets Forever reminded us of a very similar moment Gilbert Arenas had:

Washington is enduring its greatest success in nearly four decades when the team was last relevant. The shot, the reaction by Wall, the jubilation by the crowd, the stand on the scorer’s table, it was all epic. The keys of the city was handed over to Wall.



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