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Isaiah Thomas fined $25k by NBA for “directing inappropriate language” at Wizards fan in Game 4

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Isaiah Thomas’ shouting bout with a fan during Game 4 against the Washington Wizards has proven costly for the Boston Celtics guard. the NBA fined Thomas $25,000 for “directing inappropriate language” at a fan the league stated in a release.

There is a video of Thomas going back-and-forth with a fan in attendance from Game 3 that has gone viral. He is seen telling a fan “I will f–k you, and you know that.”

"I will f–k you up and you know that" (Submitted by @thesportytraveler)

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However with the league directly mentioning Game 4 in it’s release there is a bit of confusion. The video did not circulate until after Game 4, which could be the root of the problem. Hard to dissect if there was a separate incident or not. Either way, Thomas will be $25k poorer for an inappropriate exchange with a fan.

While money is always important, Thomas has bigger fish to fry, as he and the Celtics host the Wizards in a pivotal Game 5 on Wednesday night in Boston. Safe to say he won’t have a similar incident with the home crowd.

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