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Bryce Harper throws out potential game-winning run at home plate with rocket throw

Don’t test the arm of Bryce Harper, please

Note to scouting report, Bryce Harper has a cannon of an arm. The Baltimore Orioles found out that the hard way, as they tested his arm in the 11th inning of Tuesday’s showdown.

J.J. Hardy, who represented the winning run in a 4-4 tie, took off from second on contact by Caleb Joseph. Harper allowed the ball to one-hop into him glove before he fire a straight line throw to home. Nationals catcher Matt Wieters got in position and snagged the throw, tagging out Hardy as he attempted to slide into home.

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Replay shows, Hardy was out by a mile. According to Statcast, Harper launch his throw at the blazing speed of 99.7 miles per hour. The amazing throw ended the inning extending the game to the 12th inning.




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