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Sidney Crosby injured after vicious hit to head from Capitals’ Matt Niskanen

Even in a heated rivalry and series like the Capitals and Penguins, any foe would not want to see what happened in the first period of Game 2. Penguins star, Sidney Crosby took an unfortunate hit from Capitals defenseman Matt Niskanen.

Crosby was slashed by Alex Ovechkin. As he was falling it appeared Niskanen was bracing for impact. In doing so, he made a thrusting contact on Crosby, knocking to the ice awkwardly.


Crosby eventually was able to get up but went to the locker room immediately.

Replay shows Crosby was hit in the head and in addition his left leg buckling underneath him. Niskanen was penalized for a five-minute major for crosschecking and a 10-minute game misconduct, resulting in an ejection. That is up for debate how the official called the penalty. Hard to not point out Crosby’s popularity may be playing a factor in the referees decision.

But the fact of the matter, Crosby was hurt and possibly seriously while the Capitals are down a defenseman for the remainder of a pivotal game.



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