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Patrick Ewing won’t be able to retain his son on his coaching staff thanks to Georgetown’s nepotism clause


Newly hired Georgetown head coach Patrick Ewing is assembling his coaching staff. One person he will not hire is his son Patrick Ewing Jr. The elder Ewing stated he could not keep his son on the coaching staff thanks to a bizarre Georgetown policy. Ewing appeared on 106.7 The Fan’s Sports Junkies Wednesday morning for his first interview since being hired.

“I wish that that could be the case,” Ewing elaborated on not being able to hire his son. “They have a nepotism clause and unfortunately they’re going to stand by it.”

Ewing Jr., who also played at Georgetown like his father, served as the Director of Basketball Operations,’ Director of Basketball Operations last season. Now he will not return as the university now has a nepotism clause.

Let the irony set in for a moment.

The program that has marveled in the John Thompson era the past 45 years, who hired John Thompson III, his son, and let the elder hover over the program for some 18 years after he stepped down as head coach, now wants to avoid favoritism to its employee’s offspring?

Many critics feel Thompson III overstayed his welcome at Georgetown in large thanks to the program not knowing how to distance itself from the elder Thompson. Now with Ewing Sr. coming in to coach, another byproduct of the Thompson era, which played under Big John from 1981-85, is not allowed to retain his son, who was already on the staff before dad Ewing was hired.

Of course, it’s been evident Georgetown tried to move on from its storied past that was in part controlled by the Thompson family name in its coaching search. So there is a strong possibility the school now wants to move away from its old ways by instituting the policy. It’s no telling how long the policy has been in effect, and if it was before, Thompson Jr. didn’t step down to allow Thompson III to become head coach, there was Craig Esherick. Still, such policy is in place after more than four decades of being influenced by Thompson is just ironic.

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