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Redskins propose rule to allow teams to opt out of Color Rush uniforms



Redskins team president Bruce Allen very fond of the team’s current uniform design of burgundy jersey with the yellow pants — an updated version of the uniforms the team wore when his father, George, was head coach. He has been reluctant, to say the least, with any other uniform combination. Therefore, it was no surprise, yet disappointing, Allen has been against the NFL and Nike’s Thursday Night Football promo for the Color Rush jersey.

Despite the team getting a design for the 2016 season, the Redskins did not wear the uniforms. Of course, then, it was for the reasoning of not playing on Thursday Night Football. Their lone Thursday game was on Thanksgiving against the Dallas Cowboys, and the Color Rush uniforms did not apply to Thanksgiving. But, considering each team has a Color Rush design, the possibility of Washington being on Thursday Night Football next season is high. And it appears the Redskins are trying to slither out of wearing the colorful unis before the season starts, by proposing a rule change that would allow teams to opt out of the Color Rush promotion.

The team submitted a letter the league office by describing the uniforms are “garish.”

If Washington gets its way, it would be interesting to see how many teams join the Skins in opting out. While some uniforms have been putrid, there has been a striking interest from fans for certain teams’ combinations.

The league begins its annual meetings on Monday in Arizona. There it is expected a ruling will be made on the Redskins’ proposal.



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