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Bashaud Breeland defends Scot McCloughan in rant on Twitter


The vocal Redskins cornerback Bashaud Breeland does not shy away from speaking his mind. He has gone back and forth with fans, and wears his emotions on his sleeve. Given all the drama that has surrounded the Redskins, it was only a matter of time Breeland chimed in, especially considering it was in response to his name being mentioned.

On Thursday in a report by Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated, Breeland was identified as the defensive back who clashed with his position in a heated exchange before hitting the showers. It was at that time recently-fired general manager Scot McCloughan approached Breeland and demanded he see him in his office. After word got around of McCloughan’s approach, team president Bruce Allen intervened and told McCloughan according to accounts, not to go in the locker room after players.

However, in Breer’s report he stated how players were comfortable with and did not mind McCloughan’s approach to players. It was referenced as the “Seattle thing” referring to his time in Seattle where he rebuilt the team’s roster and culture into a Super Bowl winning team.

That sprung Breeland into a Twitter rant, ironically defending McCloughan and himself.


Takeaways from Breeland’s rant start with the fact that even after a confrontation with McCloughan he still respects the man. And it appears he does not like how McCloughan still is on the tip of every Redskins’ report despite him being fired over a week ago, Players respected the former GM, and appreciated his approach. That goes a long way and could be damning to the Redskins’ efforts to move on from him.

Then there is the second part, in which Breeland is upset that his name also is being dragged in the mud. There is no secret Breeland became upset with the move to bring in cornerback Josh Norman last year. Whether that got in his way of player is up for speculation. But one thing is for sure, he struggled. The team ultimately had to go away from their initial notion of viewing Norman and Breeland as equals, leading to Norman doing a lot of shadowing against opposing team’s No. 1 receivers, while Breeland was essentially bumped down to the team’s No. 2 cornerback.

On one hand, you can commend him for taking up for McCloughan. But on the other, it’s becoming concerning his vocal outburst that at times has been geared towards critical fans. Moving forward it will be imperative that Breeland show some maturity, not just because he called out his employers, but every player is auditioning for 31 other teams at all times in the “What have you done for me lately” NFL.



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