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Watch: Chris Mullin, John Thompson III had to be refrained from each other after benches clear


Wednesday’s Big East first round game had the feel of old times in the conference when Georgetown took on St. John’s at Madison Square Garden. There was an old rivalry feeling even up to the point where St. John’s head coach Chris Mullin and Georgetown head coach John Thompson III had to be refrained from each other.

The ruckus started when Red Storm’s Amar Alibegovic made a hard foul on L.J. Peak. Peak took exception to the antic and got in Alibegovic’s face. Benches cleared from there and officials and coaches from both ends struggled to calm the situation. In the melee one thing led to another and the head coaches got into a verbal exchange that got heated to the point Mullin approached Thompson and had to be refrained by officials and his players.

Hoyas assistant Patrick Ewing Jr. did not like the way Mullin approached his head coach, and he let it be known as he was refrained. When the dust was settled both Mullin and Ewing were handed technical fouls as well as Alibegovic was assessed a flagrant foul.

After the game Mullin joked about the sequence, saying he asked Ewing in the postgame handshake “if he was going to beat me up like his father did.” The Hoyas assistant responded, “No, I love you.”




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