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Bryce Harper enjoyed WWE Raw in Vegas while wearing a Cowboys hat

Bryce Harper is not even immune to the Cowboys’ bandwagon


WWE Raw was in Las Vegas Monday night. On a night that WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens turned on his BFF Chris Jericho and Bayley captured the WWE Raw Women’s Championship from Charlotte, the show’s spotlight was stolen by Nationals’ slugger Bryce Harper.

The Las Vegas native was in attendance at the T-Mobile Arena cheering on the Superstar of the WWE, while sporting a Dallas Cowboys hat!

The bandwagon is real. Harper has long vowed his allegiance with the most hated football team in Washington, D.C. Metro area. But what makes it both entertaining and comical is the fact, the 2015 NL MVP is known for wearing Redskins gear while in the city. But it’s not hard to understand. Keep in mind, this is the same guy that publicly vows his love for Duke, the New York Yankees, and Ohio State football.

Most recently he baffled D.C. sports fans when he vowed his new favorite team is his hometown Las Vegas Golden Knights, an NHL expansion team. We’ll give him that one, but certainly there will be some disappointed Capitals fans.

Still, there should be a good deal of chatter around the D.C. airwaves this week with his choice of hat. Washington Wizards’ star John Wall sure did take a great deal of flack about him wearing a Cowboys jersey at FedEx Field.

Harper was spending his last days before Spring Training. Position players are scheduled to report Saturday Feb. 18 in West Palm Beach, Fla.

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