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Capitals’ Andre Burakovsky jumps in random car he mistaken for Uber

Fortunately for Andre Burakovsky, the driver was a Capitals fan

A photo posted by Emmanuel Nicolas (@manny4prez) on

Capitals forward Andre Burakovsky was headed to Top Golf in Alexandria, Va. on Sunday night. So he ordered an Uber and hopped in the car. Unfortunately, it was not the Uber car he ordered. Instead it was the car of Emmanuel, who was not an Uber driver.

Fortunately, Emmanuel is a Capitals fan and with no hesitation was willing to take Burakovsky to his destination. Only charge was taking a selfie with him and his passenger, which Burakovsky obliged.

Emmanuel posted the photo on Instagram with the caption, “The forward from the Capitals @andreburakovsky thought my car was Uber. You know I had to drop him off #epicnight #thecapitals #NHL”

It certainly was an unforgettable experience for both the driver and Burakovsky.

Later, Burakovsky posted an image of him enjoying Top Golf. The Capitals are on a bye week this week, so the young Swede figured to enjoy his time off with some recreational golf.

[h/t CBS DC]



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