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Redskins rated third-most attractive team in NFL thanks in part to Will Compton

If only looks could win them a Super Bowl…

will compton

Will Comtpon/ Instagram

Okay raise your hand if you watch football to see how attractive a player is?

It appears there is a thing. ranked the most attractive players in the NFL. According to their research, linebacker Will Compton is the most attractive player on the Redskins. used 400 participants to rate a player’s attractiveness off head shots. The participants rated the head shots from a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most attractive.

Compton also finished fifth overall among a list of active NFL players as of Nov. 2016. In fact, the Redskins were one of the good sights to see for those fans, as the team ranked as the third-most attractive team in the NFL. Only the Tennessee Titans and San Francisco 49ers were more attractive.


Linebacker Ryan Kerrigan, running back Mack Brown, and wide receiver Pierre Garcon ranked in the top 10, each. Safety Duke Ihenacho was the second-most attractive safety in the NFL. Fanatics dug deeper in their ratings, saying quarterbacks were the most attractive position in the NFL — Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens was rated the most attractive player in the league.


Coincidentally Compton, Garcon, and Ihenacho will be free agents in March. For the Redskins to hold or improve on their rankings for next year, best served to re-sign the trio, right?

Looks don’t win Super Bowls. So, for the purists of fans, one is guessing to not care for how the players of their favorite team look, but for casual fans all avenues factor into why someone tunes in to watch football. Maybe, the Redskins will get more primetime games based on this data.





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