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DeSean Jackson calls out Redskins for omission from IG post

The writing is on the wall, sorta, for DeSean Jackson and Redskins


The 2016 season is officially over after the New England Patriots’ epic comeback over the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. Moments following the conclusion of the game, the Redskins tweeted out an innocent photo highlighting some of its core players, stating the 2017 season “starts now.”

2017 season begins now. We are all 0-0. #HTTR

A photo posted by Washington Redskins (@redskins) on

Kirk Cousins, Josh Norman, Jordan Reed, Trent Williams, and Ryan Kerrigan were included in the photo. There were plenty of players omitted from the graphic, but one player made notice of his omission.

Free agent to be DeSean Jackson commented on the Instagram post, making the Redskins aware he saw the omission.

Trent Williams then followed up voicing his concern of Jackson being left off the image. He went as far as asking the Redskins to do the graphic over to include Jackson.

“Yea Redskins, do it over and [add DeSean Jackson] ASAP,” replied Williams to the Redskins Instagram post.

“We love you @0ne0fone,” the Redskins’ official account replied.

It’s hard to determine how much input the Redskins brass have on the marketing team’s control of the social media platform. And there is no way to understand what Jackson meant with the comment. One thing is for sure it was all noted, how that effects any contract talks between Jackson and Redskins is all speculation.

Jackson and Williams acknowledgement of the omission sparked debates between fans. Keep in mind, those pictured are in essence under team control for the foreseeable future. Yes, Kirk Cousins can be a free agent in March, but it’s clear the Redskins will keep him either on a franchise tag or a long-term deal. And this post certainly will ruffle some feathers regarding Jackson’s possible return to the team.

All indications do point to the team moving away from Jackson at wide receiver. So Jackson’s reaction whether comical or serious is understood. Williams asking for the team to redo the posting, considering he should understand the reason some players were included and others were not, is a bit overboard.

However logic won’t stop many from overreacting. As a result, the impending drama about Jackson’s free agency is worth watching for.



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