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Bashaud Breeland fires back at critical Redskins fans on Twitter

Bashaud Breeland could no endure the criticism of some Redskins fans


For Bashaud Breeland this season has been challenging and frustrating. On Sunday, the Redskins cornerback was inactive for the second straight game due to an ankle injury he suffered in week 3. The injury came on the heels of him struggling mightily against top wide receivers Antonio Brown and Dez Bryant in the first two weeks.

Breeland’s struggles forced Redskins defensive coordinator Joe Barry to alter his scheme by having teammate Josh Norman follow opposing top receivers, and pulling Breeland to play lesser receivers before his injury occurred.

Coincidentally, the Redskins have won three straight games with Breeland missing part or all of each game. Washington’s pass defense has improved through the three weeks. On Sunday, they held the Ravens to 188 passing yards on 50 passing snaps.

Despite still being a promising part of the Redskins’ future, Breeland has had to endure criticism from some fans and on Sunday he could not endure much more as he fired back at his critics on Twitter. A basic tweet from Breeland showing his support of his teammates efforts in their 16-10 win over Baltimore turned into a heated exchanged laced with profanity.

bashaud breeland

And it continued.

bashaud breeland

bashaud breeland

Afterwards, Breeland continued his venting making it clear he is tired of the criticism.

bashaud breeland

bashaud breeland

It’s understandable he is frustrated. The season has not gone the way of plan thus far. And at times those ‘so call’ Redskins fans he was referring to, their criticism can be over the top. But, Breeland has to understand as a young player, his actions on the field will silence those naysayers more than any response on social media.



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