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Somehow Stephen Strasburg Hit Batter, Catcher, Umpire with One Pitch, Again

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For the second consecutive start, somehow Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg threw another pinball pitch, striking Miami Marlins batter Brian Anderson, Nats catcher Matt Wieters, and home plate umpire Brian Knight.

The pitch hit Anderson square on the elbow, redirected hit Wieters on the shoulder, and got Knight in the facemask on the way through. Wieters saw the errant throw coming, maybe having flashbacks from his previous doink.

Wieters’ flashbacks come from when Strasburg got Philadelphia Phillies Jorge Alfaro, then Wieters on the back of his helmet before hitting umpire Hunter Wendelstedt with one pitch his last start on Sept. 12.

The odds of hitting three guys with one pitch is extremely rare, yet Strasburg did it twice and in back-to-back games. The feat is strikingly amazing although it hurt everyone involved, except for Strasburg of course.

It’s a good thing Strasburg was able to bounce back striking out 11 on Tuesday night over six innings to get the Nationals a 4-2 win over Miami. However, his next start don’t blame Wieters if he does not want to catch Strasburg.



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