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Official Explanation to Controversial Ending of Wizards-Clippers Game Is More Baffling

The Washington Wizards-Los Angeles Clippers game ended in controversy with the Clippers going on top 113-112 in a close game on Saturday. The instance in question occurred with 1.2 seconds remaining on the clock. Bradley Beal received a half court inbounds pass in the corner and dribbled along the baseline to make a floater as time expired.

The referees initially waved off the shot as the 1.2 seconds ran out before Beal’s release. However, the Wizards brought attention that the clock started before Beal touched the ball. A review would confirm the Wizards’ argument. In turn, the officials ruled a re-do of the sequence. However, they took 0.1 seconds off the clock, leaving the Wizards with 1.1 seconds. Also, instead of the Wizards inbounding the ball at half court, as they did on the washed-out play, officials had the redo start from the corner.

The baffling situation led to the Wizards’ loss, as Marcin Gortat tossed up a hopeless heave as time expired. After the game Beal said the refs called it a “the tough s— rule” in explaining the ruling on the situation. Following the game, Todd Dybas of the Washington Times relayed his conversation with crew chief Bill Spooner.

Warning his explanation was more baffling and confusing the actual ruling on the floor.

In layman’s words, the officials did get the call wrong. They in fact screwed the Clippers?

According to Spooner’s explanation, everything but Beal’s made basket should have counted. The referees in turn should have had a replay, but with only the time lost, which according to Spooner should have 0.1. So instead of the Wizards getting robbed by the officials taking 0.1 off the clock, they robbed the Clippers because they should have given the Wizards just 0.1 seconds to inbound the ball.

Basically because of the clock operator’s error, the Wizards should have been punished. Wait what?

Yes, if Spooner’s explanation is indeed the correct interruption of the rule, then it is indeed the DUMBEST rule in all of sports.

Dybas followed up by going to the rule in which Spooner referenced, Rule 13 section 1A-5. It does not exactly confirm Spooner’s explanation.

How about the three officials on the floor should have recognized and immediately blown the whistle killing the sequence right away. Then restarted it from the half court line with 1.2 seconds?

Problem solved. But maybe the simple solution only exists in a utopia?



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